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Bug and Cootie Activity


is to promote the use of semi-automatic bugs and side swipers (cooties)
in a relaxing manner, far away from contests and pile-ups. Furthermore, this
should contribute to the responsible use of the upper part of the CW segments
according to the IARU Region 1 band plan.


All radio amateurs being able to use a mechanical Bug or a side swiper.

QSO Format

Normal QSOs with a duration of 5 Minutes at least. Applicants must use
a mechanical Bug or a side swiper over the entire qso. The qso partner may be
anyone, including stations using other keyers. CQ loops are allowed, directed CQ
loops are not encouraged.


Always, logs are submitted at the end of a month. Outstanding participants are
honored after each semester.
The first start of the activity is September 1, 2016.


All ten kHz segments at the high frequency end of the amateur radio bands from
10m to 80m including WARC bands. Traditional bug and cootie sked frequencies
should be avoided in order not to disturb well-established returning events.
For this activity we recommend a calling frequency of 5 kHz below the top end of
each band. e.g. 7035 kHz or 14065 kHz. CQ calls on this mid-frequency should
be done using mechanical bugs or cooties.


Divide your QSO in blocks of 5 minutes. Each completed block is worth one point. This means that a QSO lasting less than five minutes does not qualify at all. A QSO of half an hour is worth 6 points because it contains 6 entire five minute blocks.


Monthly logs must reach the manager before the 8th of the subsequent month.


The submission of a log implies the following statement: The applicant used
a side swiper or a mechanical bug during the entire duration of all logged QSOs.


Lothar Grahle, DL1DXL, August-Bebel-Str. 15, 01468 Moritzburg. Email:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
The standings of the game are published monthly on, on the AGCW
mailing, list, and on air via the QTC on 80m on Mondays at 1800 UT